5:58 PM: We're sitting in front of our TV and ready for this show to get on the road. Tired of Fox News's relentless coverage of Neil Entwistle -- we love tabloid trash as much as the next guy, but Entwistle's not even interesting trash.

5:59 PM: This interview is probably going to be pretty anticlimactic. Most of the juiciest parts have already been released.

6:00 PM: Unless we learn about a magic bullet, or Lynne Cheney on a grassy knoll, this is going to be a non-event. But hey, this is our job...

6:04 PM: How long is this going to run? We have to meet people for drinks at 7.

6:05 PM: Why Brit Hume? Okay, we can see why. But if Cheney were to appear before, and gain absolution from, the Oprah, this controversy would evaporate instantaneously.

More after the jump.

6:06 PM: Wow, Cheney looks like he might cry. Where's Barbara Walters when you need her?

6:07 PM: "Covey" of quail. Good word. File away for future reference.

6:09 PM: Yeah, it was one of the worst days of Harry's life, too.

6:10 PM: Good thing Cheney always has a medical team and an ambulance with him. A hidden benefit to having frequent heart attacks!

6:11 PM: Brit: "Did you have a sense then of how he was doing?" Cheney: "Well, we're getting reports, but they were confusing. Early reports are always wrong."

Tell us about it. Now where the heck are those WMDs?

6:15 PM: Again: "First reports are always wrong." Is this a hidden propaganda campaign in defense of Iraq?

6:16 PM: "No serious damage to vital organs." Well, keep your fingers crossed, Dick. The heart is a pretty vital organ.

6:17 PM: "This is a complicated story." Uh, really? Vice-President shoots man. We just told it in four words. How complicated is that?

6:22 PM: Correction via IM from Wonkette Emerita: "'The heart is a pretty vital organ.' Uhm, clearly not to Cheney."

6:34 PM: Questions about Scooter Libby. Brit, don't give the man a heart attack!

6:43 PM: Commentators. Where is rest of interview -- is there more coming? It's like when they put the weather at the end of the evening news.

6:44 PM: A reader writes in with this observation on Cheney demeanor: "It seems like that on every single question Dick looked down and to the side, like he was reading his answers. Furthermore, they really weren't very difficult questions. I think that he may be a robot."

6:45 PM: Okay, that's all, folks. We're off to drink and be merry!


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