Coverage of Secretary Michael Chertoff's Senate testimony (continued from this prior post):

12:12 PM: Sen. Lieberman has the floor now. He's rambling on and on. He seems to be making a Judiciary Committee-style mistake: droning on excessively, instead of letting the witness hoist himself by his own petard.

12:19 PM: Chertoff is referring to something he calls a "judicial hangover." Huh? Why are we talking about the late Justice Douglas?

12:22 PM: Chertoff says that he was "nudging" and "raising his voice" at Michael Brown. Good work, Secretary Chertoff -- your job is secure now.

What exactly did said "nudging" involve? "Look, Brownie, I hate to be a nudge, but PEOPLE ARE DYING..."

12:24 PM: Sen. John Warner is speaking now. Electric blue tie not good for TV. Relatively friendly questions -- kinda boring.

12:36 PM: Sen. Mark Dayton (D-Minn.) is questioning Chertoff now. Speechifying, blah blah blah. Compares Hurricane Katrina to some storm they had in Minnesota. "Back in St. Olaf..."


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