Liveblogging the Presser: There's Something About Harriet

Grumpy10:32 AM Bush knows Harriet Miers's character, and he's speaking so slowly I think he knows her doctor.

10:33 AM Seriously: What's up with the Bela Lugosi cadences? He smirked about recognizing "government limitations," though -- oh, because the "private sector" is the "engine" that will drive recovery in the Gulf Coast. Hey, between eliminating environmental regs and private school vouchers, the private sector is the engine and the government is thing in the middle of the road that gets run over.

[REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque]

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10:37 AM The Patriot Act will expire but terrorist threats wont! good one there, prez. Funny. But I'm so distracted by how he's about to take a nap.

10:37 AM Q: "Is Miers the most qualified?" A: "Yes." Don't they teach you anything in journalism school?

10:38 AM Miers's biggest qualification appears to be that she agrees with the president, and that "I know her well enough that twenty years from now, she'll be the same person." He says that like it's a good thing.

10:38 AM Operative: "She was also the first, uh, woman to truly ruin the color turquoise."

10:40 AM "She's going to be a really good judge" -- Don't see this is a very high bar, really.

10:41 AM "She's qualified, she shares my philosophy.... and then, uhm.... wait, there was another one..."

10:42 AM "I don't want to put someone on the bench who is this way today and then changes." Translation: I would prefer that no one grow intellectually or change their minds ever about anything. Especially about how awesome I am.

10:43 AM John "CBS" Roberts misses having his name mentioned over and over and over. Luckily, he has an MP3 of those pressers on his ipod.

10:44 AM Doesn't ask judicial noms about abortion. Riiiiight. Can we see if his nose grew? Or maybe he just writes it on a piece of paper. He knows her heart, but the place where she keeps abortion opinions lined in lead.

10:48:AM Feels like no one's had their coffee...and now he's talking about iraq spending. lskdjf/a.dsmf............ sorry dozed off.

10:50 AM Ooooooh plame! Look at everyone perk up! The air crackles. The bald heads bob. Lips pursed, jaw set. And then.... oh, uhm, let the process run, won't comment.... Okay, now where was I? AH: Zzzzzzzz.

10:51 AM Bumiller has total Harriet hair. Poor girl. Asking about Katrina, and here comes the non-apology apology. "I'm sorry if you're mad that I fucked that other girl."

10:53 AM "i will take full responsibility for all failures at the federal level... Until about noon, when karl tells me that wasn't on my tps."

10:54 AM You can't divorce bridging divides, except in Nevada, where it's legal to marry a divide.

10:56AM "I was disappointed by the vote I got in the African American community," yeah didn't they see There were many pictures of me with some very attractive black people!

10:59 AM George Bush, news editor, would like you all to write a story about the bright side of Katrina: "I know you've looked at it, but there's a deeper story to be told"

10:59:40 AM One bright side? "How 'bout getting this debris removed?" Some poor mayor unable to get his debris removed and Bush: "I'll explain why if you're interested... oh, I'll tell you." Oh shit.

11:00 AM Is he saying he personally got involved in debris removal? All that brush clearing finally coming in handy!

11:01 AM Ooooh, who's that... Cute! Brief segue to concurrent IM:

11:01:36 AM Operative One: totally cute

11:01:39 AM Operative One: baker?

11:01:40 AM Operative One: peter?

11:01:43 AM Wonkette: peter baker?

11:01:50 AM Wonkette: don't see john dickerson

11:02:01 AM Wonkette: he lost his fancy newsmag seat

11:02:13 AM Operative One: like the back of the bus in sixteen candles.

11:02:27 AM Operative One: joan cusack in back brace, john dickerson muttering, "remember the mistake!"

11:02 AM Keil with another Plame q. Apparently the special prosecutor made it very clear early in the process that those in the WH should not discuss the case publicly or privately. Except those times we denied being involved during briefings.

11:03 AM "How much political capital do you have left?" Heheheh. Plenty. Got some in my desk, some hidden at the ranch, some strapped to my bike.

11:04 AM "Actually, decreases, not increases discretional spending, heh.... sorry this Katrina lottery got me confused." But, hey, speaking of Katrina. Have I mentioned how I got rid of debris?

11:05 AM "I believe in a debris removalship society."

11:06:AM "Social Security: I did NOT lose. Did not. Did not. DID NOT. DID NOT. DID GODDAMMIT NOT LOSE."

11:09 AM Omg. George Bush, avian flu expert. Who knew? Bird-person-person, like duck-duck-goose? No matter: that's bad

11:10 AM The H1N5 virus? Wha? Did the radio transmitter on his back suddenly kick in? What the fuck is happening? "And there's a spray, as you kow." No, no I don't think anyone sitting there does know.

11:11 AM I can't believe how much Bush knows about avian flu. At least it's better than reading the phone book -- He's fillibustering his own presser

11:12 AM "I would ask them to watch the hearings of Harriet Miers." Carefully, so as not to burn your retinas.

11:14 AM "I know her heart. I know her shoe size. She went to meetings." He should consider marketing this amazing heart-seeing machine -- people pay so much for MRIs.

11:15 AM Oh-pine! Oh-pine! Oh-pin. It was in his word of the day calendar. He taped DEBRIS day onto his desk, back in august. Keeps wishing it was debris day again.

11:15 AM "For 10 years you've been on the receiving end of paperwork from harriet miers." So that's what they're calling it these days.

11:17 AM Fed reserve? I got out of bed for this?

11:20 AM Wait, check out his dissection of the mind-bogglingly complicated confirmation process: They'll ask Miers questions THEN she will answer them? Hopefully, they'll confirm her, and THEN they're read her opinions. He's blowing my mind with this radical interpretation of how government works.

11:22 AM He mocks polls: "You run one every other day!" That is because we need to keep up with how fast your numbers are sliding.

11:27 AM Chris Matthews sums up for us: "Such a powerful, continuation, repetition of that thought."


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