Liveblogging the Revolution ... Oh Wait, Actually Just Another Stupid Debate

Tell me about dat ... - WonketteDo you have CNN-YouTube fever? Neither do we. Also, it's 4 p.m. in the West Coast office and we are, sadly, totally sober. We are opening a bottle right now.

7:01 -- 300 million people, 3,000 YouTube questions, most of those not even from America.

7:02 -- CNN is against forcing children to read their parents' stupid questions about Social Security.

7:03 -- Not using the questions from the viking guy, the chicken lady, the cyborg guy, etc.

7:04 -- "Wassup!" Oh jesus fucking christ ....

7:06 -- They told Obama to move around so he doesn't look so out of his league.

7:08 -- Dennis got applause! That's the first applause of the night, we think.

7:09 -- Okay, nine minutes of debate and one stupid YouTube video.

7:10 -- Everybody in Irvine is a LOSER.

7:11 -- What did he ask? What's the word? Lesbian?

7:11 -- She's a progressive, Mike Gravel has a broken mic ... that's how to shut him up!

7:12 -- Oh shit, Gravel is going to kill Barack Obama.


7:13 -- "Bundlers" -- is this one of those Senate sex things we don't know about?

7:14 -- They let a brother make a YouTube!

7:14 -- Uhh, and the brother wants a Republican to run on the Democrat ticket or something?

7:14 -- Everybody loves Chuck Hagel. Maybe he should be a president?

7:15 -- Oh hey and Wonkette Intern Greg Wasserstrom is helping out the desk here tonight, although not "helping out" in the sense of "bring some booze over here."

7:16 -- Okay, this is just stupid. So now the candidates are going to make YouTube videos because the ones from actual voters are too retarded to even fill an hour teevee show?

7:16 -- Wow, good job of picking the guy asking for slavery reparations. "Is African Americans gonna get restitution?" Jesus. That's racist!

7:17 -- New thread! In just a moment!

Here's the new thread.


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