Liveblogging the Second/Third Tier GOP Debate

Black guy is on the right - WonketteOh hey, we're home just in time to get busy. And what was that Dan Rather joke about? WAS IT RACIST? Hey it was a joke about current rap performers! THE ONES WHO RELEASED DUELING CDS ON 9/11.

* Ha ha, Rudy and Fred and Walnuts and Mitt hate black people, but they're still watching at home.

* This is perhaps the first and only time we'll hear "Let's give it up for" Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo.

* Hey did you hear about that shit going down in Louisiana? Turns out everything is exactly the same, racism-wise, as 50 years ago when a whole brave city of white racists kept black kids from attending the high school.

* Which must be kind of awkward for the two guys from the "Little Rock Nine" attending this debate.

* Michael Steele, from the Runaways and the Bangles? Oh, no, it's just the hack ex-Lt. Gov from Maryland.

* Wow, Alan Keyes sure got a lot of applause. Do these people have any idea who he is?

* The fuck's going on, are they having a silent prayer?


* Jesus, Huck got 48% of the black vote in Arkansas? Maybe he really is the new Bill Clinton.

* Ron Paul will go anywhere he's invited.

* Seriously, remember the guy who invited him to a dorm room?

* Oh goddammit now the blacks are going to become Paultards.

* Sam Brownback: Still in the race!

* Sam has a clever scheme! (The scheme is he wants blacks in South Carolina to register Republican and vote for one of these guys, such as Sam Brownback, and that will totally fuck it up for the haters like Mitt and Rudy and Walnuts and Hollywood Fred.)

* Tom Tancredo: "You are not Mexicans, so you are my brothers."

* Duncan Hunter has seriously never seen so many black people in his entire life. He just put his wallet in his front pocket.

* Alan Keyes is, of course, defending Rudy and Walnuts and Hollywood and Mitt. Alan Keyes wants you to know this is the second debate he has attended, and he hints at a large conspiracy against him. Yes, the frontrunners aren't racist, except for being racist against Alan Keyes.

* God he's so crazy.

* First question, from somebody in the audience, is pretty harsh. She says Lincoln is the last Republican who did anything good for black people. What about Ike, huh? The whole Little Rock thing we were just talking about?

* Well, nicely played, Mike Huckabee. He notes the Eisenhower/Little Rock thing and then actually says what all white people (especially wealthier white people) know but don't like to mention too much in public: If you're Britney or Paris or Phil Spector and have a little trouble with the law, you don't have to go to prison like the black people.

* Ron Paul really doesn't have an answer to the racial question, but still gets a big round of applause. Seriously, who knew this would be a new source of Paultards?

* Forty fucking acres and a mule, says Sam Brownback! Plus, a museum about the African-American Experience, right on the Mall in D.C. Who knew Brownback would be the one to finally pay reparations.

* Brownback's running mate will be Spike Lee.

* Tancredo also doesn't really have an answer except for "Mexicans!"

* Duncan Hunter's wig looks better, and also notes that more Republicans on the Hill voted for the civil rights act than Democrats, and it's true!

* Okay, time for a new thread. It will be here.


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