Liveblogging the Start of DNC '08, Starring Howard Dean


Oh what the hell, it's starting! Here's Howard Dean, doing what he'll do for the next 400 hours: introducing people who will give speeches. Let's liveblog it for a few minutes!

3:02 PM -- It started right on time. This is a good sign for the nation.

3:03 PM -- Oh so Dr. Dean is supporting Barack Obama.

3:03 PM -- He is just reading the rules. This is a bad sign for the nation.

3:03 PM -- Hooray for the labor unions! "I am now pleased to introduce the former blah blah blah ..."

3:04 PM -- We will now pledge our love to Allah, Jesus and Abortions 4 All.

3:08 PM -- Oh look, a nice photo by Sara, proving that these liberals will make America backwards.

3:09 PM -- As usual, we sat through the pledge -- we were even sitting on our flag pins.

3:10 PM -- Newell says: "This is the most embarrassing possible opening."

3:10 PM -- The kids are singing, and it's the Natural Anthem! (The actual singing kids are in a dumpster behind Pepsi Center.)


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