Liveblogging Tonight's Primary? Yeah, a Little!


Hey look it's Fenty!You know what happens when there are a handful of races in this or that state but otherwise the NATION is not really watching the politics? We get lousy traffic and Few Comments on our liveblogs! So go to hell, everybody! Wait, we mean, "We will still liveblog, jesus christ, it is kind of the thing we do."

The fun will start about 8:30 p.m., so if you're one of the Few & the Proud who are super excited about the New Hampshire congressional primary or (actually interesting!) D.C. mayoral race or whatever teabagger hijinx, then we implore you to stop at the liquor/dildo store on the way home from "work" (the dumpster behind the liquor/dildo store) and join us by commenting and sending links and harassing us, as this is the very reason Thomas Jefferson wrote À la recherche du temps perdu 200 years ago today.


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