Liz Cheney Didn't Mean To Hurt Her Senile Opponent's Feelings

Hey, remember how Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzisounded sort of pathetic and sad when he found out that hot young MMA fighter Liz Cheney was planning to primary his ass next year? He said he just didn't understand how she could do that, seeing as how she'd promised not to challenge him if he ran for reelection, and darn it all, “I thought we were friends.” Liz Cheney has a very simple explanation for that: Whatchoo talking about, old man? Go take a nap.

“I think Sen. Enzi may be confused," Cheney said, suggesting that Enzi may have mixed her up with Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) before explaining her interpretation of events.

"What happened is, I called Sen. Enzi to tell him that I was considering a run, and I have always believed that that decision should be made irrespective of whoever else is in the race,” she said.

She added: “So, it’s not true. I did not tell Sen. Enzi I wouldn’t run if he did. I suppose he's just confused.”

In response to Cheney's very polite suggestion that he was old, out of touch, and maybe a bit dotty, the 69-year-old Enzi pretty much said he's not dead yet, and is actually feeling much better:

"I'm absolutely not too old to be senator. I'm the median age," Enzi told CNN, touting the trust he's earned in the Senate.

Political analysts believe that Enzi's reelection chances were not helped by his insistence that he is still quite spry for a fella his age, or his offer to prove it by doing the Lindy Hop.


Doktor Zoom

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