Liz Cheney Works Hard, Earns All The Pinocchios Her Very First Day Back At Fox


Failed "Wyoming" Senatorial candidate Liz Cheney has triumphantly returned to herprevious job as a Fox News contributor, proving that government assistance to the unemployed is not needed when you're a friend of the conservative mediaplex. After a spectacularly unsuccessful challenge to incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi, Cheney ended her campaign in January, citing unspecified “serious health issues” in her family. We hope her re-emergence on cable TV means that whoever/whatever that was has gotten much better. Wonder if her sister is talking to her yet?

In her first appearance back at her old job, on this week's Fox News Sunday, Cheney slipped comfortably into the usual routine of lying and propaganda, claiming that "The numbers of people that support Obamacare and like it have been steadily dropping." Not bad to get fact-checked and given a Golden Pinocchio on your first day back at work. She also called on Congress to knock off their "political" investigation of torture during the Bush administration and do yet another investigation of Benghazi, which we literally know nothing about.

And then, just to show she hasn't slowed down one bit, this morning she's reacting to Nancy Pelosi's comment that Dick Cheney encouraged an attitude at the CIA that led to torture; Cheney informs us that Pelosi obviously forgot that she'd been briefed on the program, that everyone in Washington was in love with torture back then, and that

"when I heard those comments yesterday, I was reminded of something that Margaret Thatcher once said about one of her political opponents. Mrs. Pelosi’s problems is her spine doesn’t reach her brain.”

It's so nice to have Dick Cheney's personal excuse machine back on Fox.

Just for laughs, Media Matters adds Cheney to the list of recent trips through the rightwing candidate/Fox News revolving door, which includes such notables as Herman Cain, Mike Huckabee, Oliver North, Sarah Palin, and Allen West (we'd forgotten, but North did in fact run for Senate in 1994, in Virginia. He lost). The most recent Fox contributor to use the exit side of the door was Scott Brown, who left Fox in March to go lose a senatorial challenge to Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire this fall; he'll no doubt be back on Fox this time next year.

[Politifact and RawStory via Media Matters / Mediaite]

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