Liz Cheney's Torture-Mongering PowerPoint Is The Only 100% Anti-Terrorism Thing That Exists


Keep America Safe, Liz Cheney's blood-thirsty web-only hobbyhorse, has this new ad criticizing Barack Obama for his gay marriage to due process. Obama "read the Christmas Day bomber his Miranda Rights... instead of interrogating him." Also something about Eric Holder not disclosing the location of Ground Zero (?). Oh but can you guess which White House Flickr Feed Foto was artfully re-purposed (re: slightly blurred) for this thing?

Yup. Exactly:

Honorable mention to anyone who guessed "Blond Nurse Injects Obama With Recreational Black People Drugs" (2009). Um... where was this going? Oh right, Liz Cheney.

[Keep America Safe]


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