Pizzagate Weirdo Knows The REAL Reason The Left Doesn't Want Kavanaugh Confirmed.


Remember the good old days, when conspiracy theorists were terrified of secret mass arrests and military tribunals, believing that such things would inevitably lead to them all being put into FEMA camps or what have you. Not so anymore! These days, the QAnon geniuses are actually all quite thrilled about all the secret mass arrests -- and even executions -- that they believe are happening these days.

In a video recorded on Wednesday, "citizen journalist" Liz Crokin explained that the real reason all these women are coming forward to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, and the real reason the left doesn't want Kavanaugh confirmed, is because he is in favor of military tribunals for everyone involved in this definitely-not-imaginary pedophile ring.

According to Crokin, all the globalist pedophiles are hoping that, after all the mass arrests of those involved in the pizzagating, they will be tried in regular court, where they might get off on a technicality. What Crokin -- and ostensibly Brett Kavanaugh -- want, is for them to be secretly tried by military tribunals and also then secretly executed. Like she believes John McCain was.

Via RightWingWatch:

"John McCain never had cancer," she declared, incredulously. "He didn't die a natural death or death from brain cancer. The man was tried in a private military tribunal and he was killed for treason. And from what I am hearing and from what I am researching, he sang; he sang like a canary and gave up the goods on other people."

"It was so obvious he didn't have brain cancer," she said. "Give me a break."

Crokin, by the way, is not entirely unfamiliar with brain diseases -- she herself had a viral brain infection as a complication of herpes a few years back. Which, coincidentally, is right around the time she started embracing these theories. It's pretty sad, honestly, and I don't judge her anywhere near as harshly as the people who take her seriously and have not had viral brain infections.

I mean, for the love of god, we are also talking about a person who thinks that a surfing accident in which she spliced off the top of her fingers was the result of a "curse" put on her by Hillary Clinton, and also that her fingers are going to grow back.

But back to the video!

"The military isn't going to let any of these scumbags who were involved in raping children and trafficking children get off on a frickin' technicality," she said. "They're screwed. They know it. And the bottom line with Judge Kavanaugh is, once he is confirmed, it's over. He is the final nail in the coffin that needs to happen to lead us into mass arrests and then the military tribunals."

What she imagines Kavanaugh will actually do to make these mass arrests and military tribunals happen is not clear, especially since she also claims they are happening already and that they are executing people secretly while pretending they are dying of brain cancer. Does she think there is going to be a Supreme Court case about this? If so, how are they going to continue keeping it a secret? Also, not to downplay the horrors of child molestation, but people charged with child molestation are not generally executed for "treason." They are different crimes altogether!

Crokin, by the way, has 89,000 Twitter followers. Her video has been viewed 17,000 times since it was posted yesterday. It's not her fault that she is clearly delusional. But it is frightening that this many people are willing to go along with her. It's also pretty freaky that these people think that all these very credible adult women are lying about being sexually assaulted, and yet they are willing to believe that the entire Democratic party is embroiled in a pizza-related satanic pedophile/cannibal ring based on absolutely zero evidence or testimony whatsoever.


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