Liz Glover Finds Happiest Tea Partiers Ever (Who Are There 'On a Whim')


[vimeo expand=1]

Here's a welcome change from the usual mouth-breathing teabaggers farting up the Capitol: Happy youth, who just wandered over to the Hill to see what's up, for the laffs! And our Liz Glover captured their merriment (and their souls) with her Soulcatcher Machine.

The young lady even knows that Liz Carpenter was an aide to Lyndon Johnson. Liz Carpenter just died, and your Wonkette didn't even mention it. She was a funny writer in Texas.

Speaking of the LBJ administration, Stewart Udall died, too, and we didn't mention that -- and that's just sad, because Stewart Udall did more for this nation's Environment than probably any federal official since Teddy Roosevelt. "Highlights from his Cabinet career are The Wilderness Bill; The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act; the expansion of the National Park System to include four new national parks, six new national monuments, eight seashores and lakeshores, nine recreation areas, twenty historic sites, and fifty-six wildlife refuges; and the creation of The Land and Water Conservation Fund." Jesus, all the stuff we missed because of the Teabagger Riots of March 2010.


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