Local Columnist Looks Forward To Shooting Everyone Soon, Too


Ha, Layne started writing about thisWTOP column at the same time and posted first, but he didn't even quote the foreboding last paragraph in full! This columnist, Mark Segraves, has done us the very kind favor of scaring us shitless: "As readers of this column will recall, I purchased a handgun the very first day the District began accepting applications for registering handguns. Because the law does not permit individuals from transporting unregistered handguns across state lines, my 38 Smith & Wesson sits in the back room of the gun store in Maryland where I bought it. Waiting for the day it can be legally shipped into the District. That day is getting closer." Goo! Making fun of him is probably not the smartest thing to do, but martyrdom never comes easy. [WTOP]


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