Local Man Blows Up Wilson Bridge

As an angry mob screamed "Blow it up!" early this morning, Dan Ruefly pushed the plunger that detonated the bombs hidden along a half-mile section of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

It was yet another disturbing reminder of the terrorism that engulfs us. Plus, he won a contest of some sort.

For 28 years, Ruefly had left his Accokeek, Md., home at 5 a.m. to beat peak rush hour on the bridge. Seven years ago, he crashed into a stopped tractor-trailer that couldn't pull over because the bridge has no shoulders. He suffered a crushed hip that still pains him, and his daughter, Tiffanie, entered him in the contest.
Wilson Bridge Section Brought Down to Delight of Crowd [WTOP]

Commuter Will Help Detonate Va. Bridge [AP]


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