Patriotic Idaho Jackholes Delay Mask Mandate By Terrorizing Health Board Members' Kids

Another great day for liberty, if you're a sociopath.

A virtual meeting of Idaho's Central District Health Board was adjourned a few minutes after it began Tuesday evening, because in addition to the usual large mob of angry, unmasked virus enthusiasts outside the CDH building, groups of loud protesters had also shown up at the homes of at least three board members and scared their kids who were home alone. It's like what Thomas Jefferson said: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the tears of terrified children and their office-holding parents.

You can see video of the meeting going to pieces at the Idaho Statesman, because our platform won't let us post the embed, yeesh.

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Florida Cops Bust Into COVID-19 Data Tracker’s Home, Do Scary Cop Stuff

GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis pinky swears he knows nothing about this.

Florida police showed up at the Tallahassee home of Rebekah Jones Monday morning. There were 10 officers with guns drawn, reportedly executing a search warrant against a single data scientist. Jones said an officer pointed a gun at her two-year-old daughter, 11-year-old son, and her husband.

This is not uncommon cop behavior, but Jones is white so she must've really pissed them off. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement claimed it was investigating whether Jones hacked into a state government messaging system and urged employees to speak out about Florida's coronavirus deaths.

Jones is the state's former top coronavirus data chief, and she's accused the Florida Health Department of firing her because she wouldn't fix the numbers earlier this year so Florida could recklessly end its COVID-19 shutdowns.

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis insists Jones was canned because "she didn't listen to the people who were her superiors." In a whistleblower complaint, Jones accused DeSantis of routinely giving false numbers to the press about Florida's COVID-19 rates. He also wanted the "state's public-facing website to show that the percentage of positive tests over two weeks were below 10 percent even if the numbers were higher." She refused and was tossed out on her ass.

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Found The Voter Fraud! It Was Some GOP Florida F*cker Named Bill The Whole Time!

Allegedly. Wait not allegedly, we meant to say admittedly.

If Republicans are whining about something, it is only and always projection, because they are doing the thing they are whining about The Libs doing. For example, if Donald Trump accuses somebody else of committing a crime, folks should investigate Trump for doing that specific crime, because he's extremely definitely doing it. The words of Republicans, and of Trump, are confessions. You just have to translate them correctly.

We have another particularly egregious example of such projection on the subject of voter fraud. As we endure the longest temper tantrum in world history, with Trump whining about imaginary frauders stealing the election from him and giving it to Joe Biden, a pretty serious case of voter fraud has been revealed, and SURPRISE! it's a Republican trying to help steal the Georgia Senate runoffs, for Republicans.

Nicole Carr, a reporter for WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta, reports that a Florida Man named Bill Price was caught on tape explaining to Republicans in Bay County (that gross Fl-eorgia county where Panama City is) exactly how to pretend to move to Georgia so they could vote for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. No, he is not leading a campaign to help Floridians escape that hellmouth and move to Georgia legitimately. He wants them, again, to pretend.

The video was streamed on Facebook Live, and it has now been deleted, but Carr still got it:

He's doin' it! He's movin' to Georgia! And now he is under investigation.

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SD Gov Kristi Noem Bravely Sacrifices Own Grandma On Altar Of 2024 Election

Why can't we just be nicer about this?

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem's grandmother, Aldys Arnold, died on November 22 at the age of 98, and was buried Monday, on the governor's birthday. Noem's office said Arnold had tested negative for COVID-19, although as the Daily Beast points out, her exact cause of death wasn't released. But she died during a cluster of COVID-19 deaths at her nursing home, Estelline Nursing and Care Center in Estelline, South Dakota. Of the 13 residents who have died in the past two weeks, nursing home administrator Mike Ward said 12 have been "COVID-related."

Two days before she buried her grandmother, Noem was on Twitter urging people to get out there and go shopping — in a state where she still refuses to order a mask mandate, because liberty and personal responsibility.

Also too, on Thursday, Noem celebrated Thanksgiving by praising the glorious freedom God granted Americans to not take protective measures during a pandemic, and with an essay about personal responsibility on her state website.

Hooray for the liberty that helped kill a dozen residents at the nursing home where Noem's grandma died of some other cause, according to her office at least. And yes: "happy."

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