Supreme Court To Voting Rights Act: AND STAY DEAD!


Yesterday, the US Supreme Court, which loves "state's rights" just as long as you're attacking women's bodily autonomy, trans people, or people of color, decided to jump into Wisconsin's redistricting war. Because why not?

And, of course, this Court is never just going to fuck things up in the normal Republican-evil way of the past. No, they are in the midst of an all-out attack on voting rights — especially for Black and brown Americans. (Full disclosure: In my other life, I'm the Policy Director for Wisconsin Voices and have been working on redistricting and ensuring Black and Brown voices are represented in our state's maps. This is not my first rodeo.)

When this Court goes for it, they really go for it. And so, the Court didn't just issue a stay or decide to hear Wisconsin Legislature v. Wisconsin Elections Commission; in an unsigned opinion, it summarily reversed the Wisconsin Supreme Court's ruling on the state's electoral maps without any argument or briefing on the merits. And in that unsigned opinion, they made it pretty clear that Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act is next on the chopping block.

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Nice Time

No, Really, What's Up With Idaho?

Some good news and some full on WTF news.

As we mentioned in our weirdass Idaho story yesterday, Idaho is having a bit of a moment just now. Let's review: In just the past two weeks, Yr Wonkette has featured these steaming nuggets of Pure Idaho Weird — and half of them involve the state legislature!

Happily we have some updates on a few of those, and they don't all suck, so let's take a look-see!

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Right Wing Extremism

All The Crazies Flocking To Idaho Again

Oh, another child custody fight with insane militia ties? Must be something in the air.

My home state of Idaho has gone a little funny these days, although there's always a high level of background crazy here. Hot on the heels of Ammon Bundy's followers' fight to return a malnourished baby to the parents who allowed the baby to become malnourished, we have an all-new outbreak of crazy in the Gem State.

Like the Bundy story, it involves a child custody case. If anything, it's even more batshit crazy, and the militia dude who's gotten involved is, Crom help us all, probably far more dangerously off-kilter than Ammon Bundy. Nothing in the previous sentence should be misinterpreted as an endorsement of the stability or trustworthiness of Ammon Bundy.

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North Idaho GOP's Batsh*t Plan: Take Over Local Democratic Party, Steal Donations, ?????, PROFIT

Why bother with democracy at all?

As we keep documenting in this little mommyblog, Idaho Republicans are a special kind of crazy. Lacking the national influence of a Florida or a Texas, Idaho punches well above its weight in pure rightwing batshittery. But for the purest distillation of rightwing Idaho crazy, you need to travel to the panhandle, up north, where plenty of folks are looking forward to a nice civil war, or at least fining anyone who doesn't own a gun.

And now it seems the Republicans in Kootenai County, which includes the area's largest city, Coeur d'Alene, have been scheming to infiltrate and take over the local Democratic Party so they can install a repulsive antisemitic agitator as party chair, redirect Democratic political donations to rightwing causes, and generally brag about how clever they are.

Even more bizarrely, the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee (KCRCC, which is one letter too many to be a radio station) might just manage to pull it off, although local Democrats are mobilizing to head that off.

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