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Texas Passes Another Critically Stupid Law Banning Kids From Learning That Racism Exists

Here’s where you can stuff your ‘civics training course.'

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed another terrible bill into law Friday, this time with less fanfare than the state GOP's draconian abortion ban and voter suppression law. This one combats the imaginary scourge of "critical race theory," which has become a rightwing umbrella term for any discussion of racism in American schools.

Educators and advocacy groups opposed this new law but Abbott doesn't listen to medical experts about COVID-19 so why should he listen to a history teacher about history?

The crap law prohibits teaching "certain concepts about race," presumably that racism existed and still exists as an institutionalized part of American society and its criminal justice system. Yeah, that's just crazy talk. The law develops a "civics training course" for educators, so they'll have the skills necessary to, we guess, teach students how to bark the Pledge of Allegiance on command like gifted and talented seals. Schools are mostly barred from giving credit to students for any advocacy work. Here's the kicker: The law "urges educators to teach only that slavery and racism are 'deviations' from the founding principles of the United States."

At this rate, Texas schoolchildren will wonder why Martin Luther King was dreaming at all. He should have just formed a singing group with John Lewis.

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Tampa Officials Shocked To Learn Evicting Black People For Basically No Reason Miiiiight Be Considered Racist

Amazing what happens when journalists do their jobs.

So it turns out the Tampa, Florida, police department has been encouraging landlords to evict their [usually Black] tenants, in the name of "crime prevention."

Because, as we all know, making people homeless is a great way to reduce crime.

Oh wait, it's not? We, in fact, live in a country with a huge homeless to jail pipeline? And homelessness leads to people being cited and arrested for minor offenses while just trying to live their lives? Was the city of Tampa just ruining people's lives for funsies, in the names of racism and gentrification? You know, ALLEGEDLY?

Shocked. I am shocked. Not allegedly.

Last week, the Tampa Bay Times published a detailed exposé about how the Tampa Police Department was intentionally making people homeless. It is shocking, and Wonkette is not often shocked.

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What Dumb Bullsh*t Is Media Spewing About Gavin Newsom’s California Recall Blowout Today?

Democrats can only lose, unless they win, in which case they’ve lost even more.

The California recall election was a good, old-fashioned ass whooping. Democrats came out in droves to deliver a decisive two-to-one victory for Governor Gavin Newsom, and Democrats aren't always great about turning out in elections that aren't branded “hope and change" or set to the tune of Fleetwood Mac.

Republicans were hoping for their own Alabama upset: In the 2017 Senate special election, Democrat Doug Jones defeated Donald Trump-endorsed Roy Moore in a state Trump had carried by 28 points just a year earlier. (You may remember, Roy Moore had some girl-shaped issues.) That didn't happen, and it's flummoxed the mainstream media, which normally covers politics from the perspective of "Heads Republicans win; tails Democrats lose." However, Newsom's triumph has upset their game of Calvinball.

Not long after the race was called, Kasie Hunt, whom CNN pays to discuss politics, explained to us amateurs why the seemingly positive results actually spelled doom for the Democratic Party. She tweeted:

Obviously California is a Special Place —

Wait ... hold up ... why is she monologuing like Carrie Bradshaw when she went to Los Angeles during an episode of "Sex and the City"?

but the fact that a Democratic national star in waiting *faced* a recall and then had to fight hard for it midway through the campaign does say a lot about the potential challenges Democrats face across the map (4/)
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climate change

The Levees Held But The Power Grid Failed In New Orleans

At least a million people without power in Lousiania.

Hurricane Ida whomped the northern Gulf Coast Sunday, and the extent of the damage is undetermined, as parts of Louisiana remain flooded and unreachable. Although Ida was downgraded today to a tropical storm, it's left its mark as one of the most ferocious hurricanes to hit the mainland, and this includes Katrina in 2005.

From the New York Times:

"It's never been as bad as it is this time," said Jesse Touro, 62, who was rescued from Jean Lafitte after riding out storms in town for the past 12 years. He sounded exhausted as he rode a parish bus to find some sort of shelter. "None of them like this one," he repeated.

According to the Times, New Orleans was “bruised but not beaten" by Ida: "In the French Quarter, the streets seemed to have been washed almost clean," which sounds like the reporter was channeling Travis Bickle. The French Quarter was also originally built on land just slightly above sea level, as settlers understood the value of the high ground. However, New Orleans as a whole is steadily sinking, but that's not the biggest problem the city's facing right now. More than a million people are without power in Louisiana — at least 787,000 just in New Orleans alone.

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