London's Mayor Announces He Has Five Children

Londoners call it the 'Inverse Mohawk'The mayor of London, Ken Livingstone (Labour Party, which is like "Democrats"), is in a tight re-election battle with Tory candidate Boris Johnson, and now there are new revelations that could damage his career: he has five children with three different women! The lazy British press only just figured this out, too. How will Ken Livingstone ever survive the fact that he has children?

Livingstone, who is not married, has been hounded by GAY rumors throughout his political career -- much like Florida's orange governor, Charlie Crist, who is gay with iguanas. But look at all the babies this guy has created! Livingstone has two young children with his latest "partner," Emma Beale, as well as two older daughters with some other gal and a boy with a third hot-to-trot broad.

These revelations come only a month before the mayoral election, but Livingstone does not think his eternally impregnating penis will shock people:

"I don't think anybody in this city is shocked about what consenting adults do," he said.

"As long as you don't involve children, animals or vegetables they leave people to get on and live their own life in their own way."

Barack Obama should take notes, because the Republican Attack Machine will soon discover his two black children, as well as his 20 other extra-secret black children.

London's Mayor has five children [BBC]


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