Lone MySpace Nut Ruins Barry Hussein's Campaign

Remember back when Al Gore and Newt Gingrich and the other nerds used to go on and on about how great it would be when everyone has a computer and Internet access? It happened, and it's not great at all. It's awful.

I have heard that a high-level research-analyst has ignited a firestorm in that Barak Obama has been exposed as untrustworthy. Obama's ratings have plummeted as a result of Obama's dodging of numerous questions that were posed by said analyst. Has your organization heard anything about this?

The following link is where thousands of individuals from around the world have been flocking to read the challenge.

The link in the e-mail didn't work, of course, but we were able to figure out the URL, which is obviously for a MySpace page.

And the MySpace page obviously belongs to a "Mathematics & Physics Researcher" rapper. Obama is finished!

An international "secret" about Barak Obama [Karl Nemetski Punishes Suckas]


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