IdiotRemember old what's his name, that guy who did the Iraq deal, way back when? Well, he's still apparently in the White House and still apparently trotted out for a photo op now and then for the people who have the worst job in journalism: White House correspondents during an election year in which nobody wants anything to do with George W. Bush. But he's still the president, kind of, and he submitted his own budget that his staff wrote. And instead of, say, sending the PDF over to Congress, he submitted an entire laptop computer.

Here's how Bush Junior described this revolutionary budget submission:

I submitted the budget today to Congress -- it's on a laptop notebook, an e-budget. It saves paper, saves trees, saves money. I think it's the first budget submitted electronically.

Uh, George? It's not "submitted electronically" if you sent a whole fucking computer to Capitol Hill. We won't even bother with the idiocy of calling a portable computer a "laptop notebook." Stop talking. We mean it.

The 'Laptop Notebook' Budget [FedBlog]


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