Kathryn Jean Lopez Asks Someone To Tell Her About Being Married

Kathryn Jean Lopez Asks Someone To Tell Her About Being Married

It's Valentine's Day, everybody -- otherwise known as "the saddest day atNational Review Online." But NRO editor Kathryn Jean Lopez isn't one to hide behind her sadness and resignation and Jonah Goldberg screensaver (when he was young and kind of cute). Instead, K-Lo asked a "marriage expert" to explain why she cannot seem to find the happiness Jesus Christ intended for her, in the form of wedded bliss to some tough guy, maybe Tony Soprano, so she wouldn't have to live out her days as a spinster blogging in an apartment. Imagine the house she could have, in New Jersey! And children, just running around the way children probably run around, on the lawn or whatever. A lawn with a crucifix-picket fence, maybe. Some flowers or whatever, an herb garden. And this might be the night Tony comes home all ginned up and randy, with the sedan parked haphazardly on the lawn! Baby No. 3 could be created tonight.

K-Lo emailed somebody from some pro-marriage-sounding organization, but it's obviously just a socialist front:

Lopez: Is marriage in America healthy? What’s the greatest challenge to marriage in America at the moment?

Wilcox: Marriage is under stress. Marriage rates are falling, cohabitation is up, nonmarital childbearing is up, and more children are being exposed to a revolving carousel of relationships. This is the message of the recent National Marriage Project report, When Marriage Disappears.

The two biggest challenges facing marriage are economic and cultural. Economically, working-class and poor men are having difficulty finding stable, decent-paying work. This makes it difficult for them to get and stay married.

Wait, so marriage has failed in America because of capitalism? Gah, worst Valentine's Day at The Corner, ever. [National Review]

Happy, er, Valentine's Day, K-Lo!


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