Lonely Shut-ins Wish the Wash 'Times' a Very Happy Birthday

The Washington Times today offers sad insight into the miserable lives of all 16 of their regular "readers." Here are two particuarly tragic examples:

I subscribe to The Washington Times, but every morning on my way to work, I also pick up a copy from one of the vending machines at the Shady Grove Metro station. As I sit on the train, enjoying your great paper, I cannot help but feel sorry for my fellow passengers around me reading the other paper, sorry because they are missing out on your balanced reporting, incisive commentaries and just great journalism all around. Kudos to Oliver North, Cal Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Diana West and others for their insightful columns; to the sportswriters for entertaining reading; and to you, Mr. Pruden, for your brilliant column. Thanks for giving independent-thinking Washingtonians like myself a superior alternative.

Posted by Kwan Koehler

The first thing one does in the morning shows how important we think it is. What do I do? You guessed it... read my Washington Times, even before I read my Bible. (Forgive me, Lord.)

Olga Fairfax


Christ, they're buying two copies a day and then apparently taking its crazy ramblings as gospel? If the staff of the Times hadn't written these themselves, we'd be worried.

What the Times Has Meant to You [WT]


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