Lonesome John Edwards: Phony

This is an underrated movie. - WonketteBrad Warthen of the South Carolina's The State has a controversial opinion about John Edwards! His controversial opinion, which he, Brad Warthen, thought of himself, and which he is going to share you with you now, is as follows: John Edwards is a phony! A big fat phony! A big fat goddamn phony! Here is the proof:

* He showed up late to a campaign appearance.

* He looked bored before he got on stage.

* Then he suddenly looked smiley and nice and stuff.

* He was really chummy with the newspaper editorial board. He swung his salt-encrusted snowboots onto tables willy-nilly and everything!

* But he was less chummy with the reception desk. Unlike Howard Dean!

* He was late again to a different thing because he would rather go jogging.

* All he does is make a lot of dough and play golf and play bridge and buy cars and drink Martinis and look like a hot-shot.

* Goddamn phony.

See! So don't vote for him, he's a jerk.

Why I see John Edwards as a big phony [The State]


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