Long Haul: Truckers Tell Their Creepiest Moments On The Road! Tabs, Mon., May 10, 2021

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Good, Norwegian Cruise Lines, you peace the fuck out of wherever you go in Florida if DeSantis doesn't immediately undo his asinine new law that bans you from requiring passengers be vaccinated. (Yahoo)

Hmmm I can't be sure, but this doesn't seem right.

"I sit before you today as a single mom, as a nurse, as an activist, and as a congresswoman," Rep. Cori Bush said. "And I am committed to doing the absolute most to protect Black mothers, to protect Black babies, to protect Black birthing people, and to save lives." Guys, you don't have to worry about the PC police taking away mothers. "Birthing people" didn't replace mothers, they supplemented them, she said it right there in the same sentence, and it's fine. (Lawyers Guns & Money)

For the first time since 1997, people applying for public benefits in San Diego won't be subjected to random, unannounced home searches looking for "fraud."

One woman said her application was denied because she had a pair of work boots, and that showed she had work income. A woman who had fled an abusive husband, taking with her daughter and only a few possessions, and was living with her mother. She said her application was denied because the investigator thought they did not have enough belongings to show they resided there.

Chan said research showed applications were denied because of an extra toothbrush β€” investigators counted five in a home with four people. Boxer shorts found in the drawers of a single woman or an oversize T-shirt also resulted in denials.

β€” San Diego Union Tribune

Whoops Superlawyer Larry Klayman forgot to show up at court where he was suing people for reporting on Alabama lunatic Judge Roy Moore, probably because he's an excellent lawyer. (Courthouse News)

Awwwwww the gorilla wants to eat the baby.

Tucker Carlson golden retriever face: Wyoming preparing to sue states that don't buy coal. (Guardian)

Arkansas executed Ledell Lee. He didn't do it. β€” AP

Hot vax summer? How about Blob Girl Summer? A lovely read. β€” Talia Lavin at Business Insider

Everywhereist cleaned her office. It didn't work.

the e.e. cummings free poetry archive. this one was in my norton anthology of american lit, and i know it by heart. (cummings.ee)

It is, indeed, an insane list of requirements for a nanny. β€” Tony Ortega

Ooooh these ghosty longhaul trucker stories creeeepy! (MoneyMade)

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