Long Live the Filibuster!

We think the filibuster just became the legislative equivalent of Terri Schiavo. From Right Wing News:

John Hawkins: In your opinion, would a partisan filibuster under just about any circumstances kill the deal and lead to the constitutional option being used?

Sam Brownback: That would be my sense at this point in time. We have been working on this for 5 years now, to get judges through on a simple majority instead of a super majority which has been required by the Democrats. At this point in time, if they filibuster anybody then we move right back into the same mode to move this to a 51 vote margin.

In other words, as long as you don't use the filibuster, the filibuster lives, albeit in a persistently vegetative state. But as soon as anyone tries to reanimate it, the feeding tube gets pulled.

In other filibuster news, Mr. Sun! reads the fine print.

RWN Talks To Sam Brownback About Filibuster Deal [Right Wing News]

The Fine Print [Mr. Sun!]


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