Look! Shiny Normal Thing, With Bidens, Dogs, Coffee, Valentimes, And Hope!

Nice Time

If you're like Yr Wonkette, you may very well have spent a good part of your day yelling through the TV at Trump's idiot lawyers today about how they are dumbass dummies whose dishonest clowning would get them a contempt citation in any real courtroom. So you might really need a chaser to help you head into the weekend in a less religious frame of mind, what with all the incitement to resurrection and the promise that the Calvary was coming to save Trump.

So let us put all that ickiness aside and enjoy this brief CSPAN video of Joe and Jill Biden this morning, walking with the dogs and looking at a display of Valentines hearts with reminders that we can all get through this, together.

It's really remarkably sweet, and just the complete opposite of not just the craziness in the Senate all day, but of the last four years. Remember all the times we saw the Trumps just hanging out on the lawn together, relaxed and happy to be in each other's company? CNN commentator Asha Rangappa noticed, too:

Mind you, you don't even really need the contrast to appreciate how nice this is. The Bidens are simply a couple who are very comfortable together. As is the case with most long-lasting marriages, even the more hilariously prickly ones like Mandy Patinkin and Katherine Grody (both of whom I love madly).

So have a happy Valentine's weekend, if you want to notice it, and if you aren't that much into cards-n-candy observances, take the time to breathe and walk the dog, scritch the cat, or just enjoy how nice a hot cup of your favorite beverage is. The madness will continue, but fortunately, so will we.

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