Looking for Love in All Right-Wing Places

The Boi from Troy uses SingleRepublican.com to investigate the exact size of the GOP's big tent, and discovers that the site allows for man-on-man action. Or at least allows you to search for man-on-man action -- you can't limit your results to other men seeking men. Does this mean they're encouraging recruitment? The homosexual agenda is more subversive than we thought!

This limitation probably also leads to a lot of wistful, hinting conversations about opera and manly virtues of Donald Rumsfeld. Making it not unlike, say, a National Review editorial board meeting. For the BfT, it harkens back to "those nights in college where you'd have to guess who was into what and hope they didn't change their minds when they woke up in the morning."

Single(Gay)Republican.com [BoiFromTroy]


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