Looks Like Yemen Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon—Unless We Bomb It, Ha Ha!


  • The US Embassy in Yemen is open again, following two days of evidence suggesting that al-Qaeda was going to blow it up and the Yemeni government suggesting the opposite of this. [AP]
  • Last week's suicide bomber, the one who killed seven CIA people in Afghanistan, was actually a Jordanian double-agent. [Washington Post]
  • Meet Ali Abdullah Saleh, the proto-despised President of Yemen. [New York Times]
  • Thousands of names were switched to the no-fly list from the hedge-y best-to-keep-away-from-planes list. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The corporate adult fascists at Nokia are suing local punk start-up Apple for iPhone-related copyright infringement. [Reuters]
  • Rejoining the Yemen branch of al-Qaeda is a popular life-after-Guantanamo option. [Times Online]

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