Los Angeles Area High School Now Genociding Latinos By Giving Them Birth Control

Los Angeles Area High School Now Genociding Latinos By Giving Them Birth Control

What's new in Planned Parenthood genociding? We aggregateGhost Andrew Breitbart aggregating the Los Angeles Times for answers, and lord do we find them! Did you know Roosevelt High School, in a low-income, heavily Latino area (Boyle Heights, LA peeps), still has lots of teen motherhood? And that in order to do something about this, they are bringing Planned Parenthood on campus? And that the parents simply REFUSE to be SO ANGRY? What fresh horror is this???

Single motherhood rates among teens are down in Los Angeles County for the last several years; for teenagers 15-19, there were 29 births per thousand, vs. 37 per thousand in 2005. But at Roosevelt High School, located in a low-income, heavily Latino area, single motherhood is still out of control.

So the school will now host Planned Parenthood on campus. Students do not need parental permission to receive either an abortion or contraceptive care in California. Planned Parenthood provides free contraceptive care, including a patch, a ring, pills, or a shot. “We don’t really experience the traditional narrative of angry parents not wanting access to reproductive care in the schools,” explained Planned Parenthood’s LA executive director, Sue Dunlap. “It’s really the opposite.”

Our teeth, they are gnashed to stubs! Our hair, it is torn! Our 18-year-old son, he has not yet knocked anyone up in spite of his best efforts!

Particularly before the prom, students who are trained by Planned Parenthood explain to other students why they should use birth control. Girls as young as 13, 14, and 15 are regularly visiting the Planned Parenthood offices at the school.

Despite an initial dropoff in teen pregnancy at the school, single motherhood has risen again. In 2009, there were reportedly three pregnancies. In 2010, there were been 10.

Ten pregnancies in one high school in one year! Quick, do nothing about it! Oh, in case you were wondering which parts of the LAT's got aggregated out of Breitbart's report, this should have preceded the bit about the 10 pregnancies in 2010:

The campus began offering contraception and counseling in 1997. But in 2006, a collaboration with a local hospital ended and the school no longer had the resources to provide free contraceptives. In 2008, Medrano said, she saw 32 positive pregnancy tests during her peak period between March 1 and June 1 — around the time of spring break and prom.

Medrano then reached out to Planned Parenthood, which now provides a medical assistant, the contraceptives and the pregnancy and STDs testing. The organization bills Family PACT, a public program that provides family planning to low-income and uninsured California residents.

In 2009, Medrano said, she saw three pregnancies during the same time period. The numbers have since climbed to about 10.

Anything else, Ghost?

It is unclear whether Planned Parenthood offers abortion services at the school, or refers students to other Planned Parenthood clinics for such procedures.

We now have our Ghost Andrew Breitbart Rosetta Stone, fellows. "It is unclear."

Obviously, the Planned Parenthood could be doing surgical abortions during the second period nutrition break. It would be irresponsible not to posit they are.


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