Los Angeles Councilman Jose Huizar Absolutely Did Not Harass That Employee He Boned


Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar (D - duh, we did say "Los Angeles," and also sexual harassment, right?), did you sexually harass that employee you were consensually boning? No? Okay, cool then, nothing to see here bye!

[Francine] Godoy, 34, said in her lawsuit that Huizar cut back her duties "significantly" and ordered her to work from home after she refused his advances. "Plaintiff would sit at home much of her time with no work to perform since she was being retaliated against by Huizar due to her refusal to have sex with him," the lawsuit says.

Godoy said she ultimately was forced to quit her job and took a position at the city's Bureau of Sanitation.

Los Angeles City Councilman, is Francine Godoy just a malicious witch and woman scorned? She is? Okay, cool then, nothing to ...

"Francine Godoy’s behavior towards him both before and after these fabricated events will prove that they are not credible," Huizar spokesman Robert Alaniz said. "The lawsuit fails to mention that Ms. Godoy and the council member had an occasional and consensual relationship, which the council member deeply regrets. He has apologized to his wife and family, and he and his wife are currently working on repairing their marriage." [...]

"When the true facts come out it will reveal that Ms. Godoy is someone seeking to damage the council member’s reputation because he would not help advance her career as she expected," he said in the statement.

Oh now, that's just rude.

Your Editrix does not care for Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar, who happens to be her City Councilman, as everybody knows he tried to shut down all the stoner stores downtown, and when that did not work, MYSTERIOUSLY the feds showed up and shut them all down for him!

Fuck that guy. Fuck that married, four-kids-having, fucking guy.

But also one of his babies has leukemia right now, so don't fuck that guy too much :(


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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