Loser Huckabee Reverts To Poor Back Alley Preacher

you get noneFor better or worse, it's officially time to shut up about the Republican race being "wide open." Either WALNUTS! will ride his momentum to the nomination or Mittens will charge just enough Super Duper Tuesday delegates to his AmEx. Fred died yesterday, Rudy is in sixth place, Ron Paul is a raging hobo and -- as all the kids on the Internet are talking about today -- Mike "God" Huckabee is broke and worthless. Everything the pundits said was bad about the long-term prospects of "Huckaboomania" turned out worse.

Rudy's top advisers have been forgoing paychecks in order to buy Florida, and that's working out well. Apparently that's also the case with Huckabee, whose brief foray into the lavish lifestyle of chartered, press-packed planes and, you know, money in general, has ended:

Some of Mike Huckabee's top advisers are working without pay and some field directors have been let go entirely, the campaign said today, as money woes have taken hold.

The campaign also announced it would no longer provide transportation for reporters covering the candidate, saying it could not afford (or justify) a full bus or larger plane when many of the seats went empty. (Media pay their own way, but there aren't enough reporters with Huckabee to make the economics work.)

He's done. Finished. He had to win South Carolina and then ride the proverbial "wave" into Super Tuesday, because he has zero national organization and probably about $14.56 in shoe money to his name. But he didn't, and now he's not a real person anymore. How does it feel, Michael? Does your Jesus love you now? Because, because he seems to like John McCain more, doesn't he? Doesn't he, MIKE?

Huckabee Advisers Skip Paychecks [WSJ]


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