Loser To Endorse Other Loser

A match made in heaven

Former Maryland governor Robert Ehrlich, who was defeated by the devilishly handsome Martin O'Malley in his re-election race last November, has struck back the only way he knows how: by allying himself with a presidential candidate even less attractive than he is.

Ehrlich, whose former law partners used to call him "Handsome Bob" as a cruel joke, will be endorsing the candidacy of Rudy Giuliani, the rat-faced former mayor of New York, according to the Politico. Giuliani will be gaining the backing of the only incumbent governor to lose his seat in the 2006 election cycle, while Ehrlich will be hitching his toupeed star to a pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-gun control candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

The two men also share a financier named Dick Hug, which is relevant because it's fucking hilarious.

Ehrlich To Endorse Rudy [Politico]


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