Losers and Losers

* The CIA had a little lapse is judgment and they're sorry and they won't do it again. [NYT, WP]

* So this one time this guy wrote a paper about how military tribunals are a bad idea and now guess what he does for a living? [NYT]

* One of the reasons the Democratic Congress can't get anything done is they're all a bunch of petty retards. [WSJ]

* Oh, and they're a bunch of pussies, too. [The Hill, Roll Call]

* For Rudy, Hillary's slump means more yelling at Romney on national television. [Politico]

* John Boehner spent $110k to prove himself innocent of insider trading. Just saying. [The Hill]

* If it doesn't involve YouTube then who gives a shit. [Politico, WT]

* Apparently, Los Angeles got to see a special "Huckabee Edition" of the debate. [LAT]


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