Losers Win

  • The new housing bill helps out homeowners, a little, but mostly helps the Big Business Fat Cat Power Elite (car makers, airlines, and oh also home builders). [New York Times]
  • Yesterday the Pope said he was sorry but abuse victims are still mad about the child-rape. [New York Times]
  • Today the Pope is in Washington to meet adoring crowds and once again lament the horrors of sex abuse. [Washington Post]
  • Airline mergers mean, in the short term, more of the same: more terrible service, more lost baggage, more missed connections. This is so that travelers will feel comfortable with the transition. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Yay a Presidential debate is happening tonight! Once again Hillary Clinton must land a "knock out blow," Barack Obama must play it safe, and we must get drunk while mocking their Experience and Hope. [Politico]
  • Al Qaeda is so packed with dull paper-pushing bureaucrats it might as well be the DMV. [Los Angeles Times]

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