LoserWatch: J.D. Hayworth Finally Concedes

Dangling the heart of a Mexican baby - WonketteThe noxious J.D. Hayworth -- Republican, Arizona-American, More Jewish Than Jews -- has finally conceded to Harry Mitchell, who's already in town for Orientation Week.

While the 5th District recount isn't finished, the numbers kept going in Mitchell's favor. As of yesterday, Mitchell was ahead 92,648 to 86,149.

How shall we remember the six-term congressman who came in with Gingrich's wave? Well, Hayworth was one of the top Abramoff Bribe Takers, a regular buffoon on the cable-news shows, friend and employer of felons, tried to ban the New York Times from the Capitol, was one of the first congressional Republicans to betray Bush and was chosen by Washingtonian Magazine as the second-biggest windbag in the House.

Hayworth concedes, but Mitchell waiting [Arizona Republic]


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