LoserWatch: That's Gotta Be Uncomfortable

hi - WonketteAnother lingering House race was finally settled today, when Connecticut Republican Rob Simmons conceded to Joe Courtney after a 2nd District recount gave it to the Dems by just 91 votes. Oh, and they both showed up for Orientation Week, which is kind of hilarious.

Meanwhile, looks like Republican Rep. Barbara Cubin is keeping Wyoming's House seat because Dem Gary Trauner would have to pay for the recount if he still ended up behind.

But they're used to such elections in Connecticut's 2nd District. In '94, Dem Sam Gejdenson beat Ed Munster by 21 votes, and it took five months to settle it.

This leaves ... four or five unsettled House races? Will this ever end?

House Calls Update: One More for Each [New York Times]

GOP's Simmons concedes Conn. House race [AP]


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