Louis Farrakhan Less Terrifying (On Paper)

farrakhan.jpg He's recovered from prostate cancer; he's swapped the menacing schoolboy bow-tie for a shiny new zootsuit; he's finally made nice with the gays. Where else, you ask, has Louis Farrakhan gone soft? This is an excerpt from the "About" section of the official website for the "Millions More March," scheduled to take place in Washington tomorrow as a 10th anniversary replay of the 1995 event.

It is time for our leadership to stop thinking and acting solely on behalf of our churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and organizations.

Hmm. Which two of these places of worship don't belong? But really, though, that is a sweet gesture, even if God is parenthetically cited as "Allah" throughout the remainder of the sidebar.

Which is probably why Jewish groups still see the whole Nation of Islam-coordinated affair as decidedly unkosher. From this morning's Post:

David Bernstein, Washington director of the American Jewish Committee, said that Farrakhan's involvement mars the event, regardless of its purpose.

"It taints everybody," Bernstein said. "We think it's regrettable."

Like any message of "Defiance, Unity" has ever intimidated anybody.

Farrkhan Offers Anniversary Message of Defiance, Unity [WaPo]

About the Millions More Movement [Website]


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