lousianaflag.jpgThere's been some internet terrorist "chatter" in recent days over who won Tuesday's Louisiana Republican caucus. John McCain is claiming victory, Paultards are freaking over their supposed second and Mittens came in third. Whatever. There'd be no point in mentioning this confusing, unimportant Louisiana delegate system if it weren't for the real winner Tuesday: Hillary Clinton's pesky Michigan rival, Uncommitted. And this time with a dash of abortion!

Louisiana splits its delegates to the national convention into several different... primary... caucuses... rainbow sparkles... Oh fuck all, I'll just let this Washington Post person describe it:

Louisiana has 47 delegates total, 20 of which will be determined during a separate state primary on Feb. 9. Tuesday's caucus elected 105 delegates to attend the Feb. 16 state convention, who in turn will elect 21 delegates. (The remaining six are split between the state chair, national committeeman and national committeewoman and the three bonus delegates the state received in the wake of Gov. Bobby Jindal's election.)

Of those 105 delegates, 70 selected the "Uncommitted" slate under the "Pro-Life, Pro-Family" title. McCain got 30 and then, you know, other people.

It turns out the particular "Pro-Life, Pro-Family" flavor of "Uncommitted" is really... Fred Thompson, who dropped out of entire election just hours before the caucus! Oh, Dipshit McGoo, silly you. His supporters took that name a few weeks ago when it looked like he might crash and die before votin' came around.

Pundits are blaming the mess on the famous hurricane, Katrina.

Uncommitted, a Winner at Last [The Trail]


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