Louisiana Charter School Shames Pregnant Girls to Teach Important Lesson About Values


Oh look, aLouisiana charter school has found a simple solution for combating teen pregnancy that also allows them to “maintain an environment where students will learn and exhibit acceptable character traits that govern language, gesture, physical actions and written words.” The solution is to force the girls to take classes at home if it turns out they are indeed going to be punished by blessed with a child, thus killing two birds with one stone -- shaming pregnant girls while simultaneously teaching students that shaming pregnant girls is constitutive of an acceptable “gesture, physical action” or “written word.”

"[Delhi Charter School] reserves the right to require any female student to take a pregnancy test to confirm whether or not the suspect student is in fact pregnant," the policy reads.

The policy also allows the school to refer the student to a physician of its choice. "If the test indicates that the student is pregnant, the student will not be permitted to attend classes on the campus of Delhi Charter School."

Pregnant students wishing to continue attending Delhi Charter will be required to enroll in a home study course while pregnant. […] Students who refuse to take a pregnancy test are "treated as a pregnant student and will be offered home study opportunities."

This, of course, is totally illegal and the ACLU is asking the school to please stop but that's only because the commie-libs at ACLU don't understand that being a slut is contagious and the best way to stop slutty behavior is to shame pregnant girls give them "home study opportunities."

[Fox News]


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