Louisiana's Boy Governor Threatened With Recall

Louisiana's Boy Governor Threatened With Recall

In the great state of Louisiana, any citizen can file, for free, a petition to recall the governor -- and that is exactly what some dude and his wife have done, because Bobby Jindal won't veto a pay raise that would double the salary of state legislators. Will Ryan and Kourtney Fournier be able to bring down the crazed teenagedexorcism and castration fetishist who skyrocketed to the highest office in the state? Probably not, because they'll have to collect nearly a million signatures in the next six months. But still!

Nobody likes Bobby Jindal because he ran for office saying he wouldn't allow the legislature to immediately raise their own pay. But now he's totally letting that happen, like a hypocrite! He just sits on his thumbs all day making sounds about how he "strongly encourages" the legislature to "reconsider."

He has until July 8 to veto this perverted legislation, and if he does then the Fourniers will quit collecting signatures. Unfortunately, the only legislation Bobby Jindal really cares about is the kind relating to testicles, so he will probably just let this bill become a law and then all the Louisiana Fat Cats will be walking around with $37,500 whole dollars in their pockets every year.

Recall petition filed against Jindal [Times-Picayune]


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