Love Crimes

* Gordon Brown is waiting to see if the baby's his before he splits, Bush is probably doing the same. [Iraq Slogger]

* A gajillion dollars for a book how things might have happened isn't enough when sometimes you just need to kill some motherfuckers. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Patraeus says the surge is working, but its John Edwards who's the phony. [Political Punch]

* Patrick Leahy has a boner for White House documents, always wants what he can't get. [Think Progress]

* We can't help but wonder why all the nutcases are so touchy about this American death-squad business. Is it because you have something hide?? bwahaha [Hot Air]

* Finally someone has put forth a flimsy assertion supported by questionable evidence that the Mexicans are actually coming here to kill us. Thanks for that. [IMAO]

* Chris Dodd found something to say that get's him on teevee! No more bitter little talk-o-meters for him, no sir! [Election Central]

* Apparently it's still a hate crime to kill a homosexual even it's done out of love. Not some faggy kind of love, though. That's not what we mean. [WorldNetDaily]


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