Loving the Rush: 'People' Says Wild Anchor Tamed

Fortunately, we'd already started on afternoon cocktails when we heard tell of the February 21 issue of People magazine; little did we know we'd desperately need a liquid cushion to soften the blow that was coming. (You remember People, it's like George was, but about nobodies!) "Finding Mr. Right!" screams People of CNN anchor Daryn Kagan's apparently intensifying relationship with Rush Limbaugh. "She's very serious about him," says a coworker at CNN Atlanta. "She's introducing him as 'the one'." The one... what? Don't get us wrong; we like 'em old and big and evil—nothing makes us hot like conservative manpower—but... wow.

The upside? This sorta makes Carville and Matalin look like JFK and Jackie.


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