Macaca Goes For Week Three

wsjwebb.jpgWe did as much as we possibly could to keep the Macaca story afloat, we admit (come on, it's August), but we are still fairly amazed by the results of the Wall Street Journal/Zogby Interactive poll showing whatsisface (you know, the Dragnet guy) ahead of a man who, up until this month, had been thought of as a good bet for the GOP Presidential nomination. Sure, it's by one point, but who knew veiled racism had political consequences! In Virginia! Now all the challengers with nothing to lose will be getting their own Indian kids.

Smarting from the poll, the Allen team rushed into action and brought out the big guns on the campaign website:


Yes, George "The Man Who Won't Be President" Allen learned the hard way that the internet doesn't tolerate racism, unless it's unintentionally funny.

Battleground States Poll [WSJ]

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