"Macaca" Mole Makes Good: Webb Campaign Spy/Allen Slur Target Regrets, Capitalizes on Unexpected Fame


The Post today runs the inevitable profile of S.R. Sidarth, the young man who followed Senator George Allen around with a video camera until Allen called him an obscure racial slur, which was bound to happen but has been entertaining for a week and a half nonetheless. "Sid" is, understandably, wary of his sudden national prominence -- but not so wary that he isn't willing to get a little of what's coming to him:

Larry J. Sabato, an oft-quoted political pundit who teaches a small, popular seminar on campaigns and elections, said he asked students to write an essay as part of the admission process. Eighty people applied for the course, including Sidarth. His essay was just three words long -- but it was enough to clinch one of the 20 coveted spots in the class.

"I am Macaca," he wrote.

More power to ya, Sid -- but you better hurry up and apply for those grants and internships before Allen's next crazy racist meltdown, or you'll have a bit of competition.

Fairfax Native Says Allen's Words Stung [WP]

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