Macacalypse Now? Still No Recount Demand From Allen Camp

Ride away, Macaca - WonketteAccording to these numbers (updated at 3:44 p.m.), 100% of all precincts in all counties have reported, and Allen's behind by 6,911 votes.

Worse, Virginia is all electronic voting with no paper record. The totals from each machine can be totaled again, and that's about it -- beyond recounting absentee ballots, however that's done in Virginia.

Josh Marshall is saying that all means Macaca's campaign is probably not going to bother. Virginia's Daily Press says just the opposite.

Christ, do we have to have a recount in Virginia? In November? Remember how nice it was down in Florida in 2000? UPDATE: Apparently that 100% figure is A Big Lie. Go look here!

VA-SEN: Allen Deliberating Whether To Request Recount [Election Central]


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