Madame Chao: Don't Be Fooled By Her Cuteness

elaine%20chao%20elaine%20l%20chao%20labor%20secretary%20and%20delicious%20dragon%20lady.jpgIn case you haven't noticed, we have a weakness for difficult women around here. High-handed women, like Katherine Harris and Cynthia McKinney, make for good copy.

So we're growing increasingly intrigued by Labor Secretary Elaine Chao. Rumor has it that Chao, despite her endearing appearance and humble immigrant beginnings, is a self-promoting diva who loves the finer things in life. (Think J.Lo: the farther she's traveled, the bigger the diva.)

We hear that Secretary Chao is visited at home, on a daily basis, by professional make-up and hair people. While she primps, her chauffeur waits outside, keeping the engine idling -- to avoid wasting any time once she's ready to go.

Finally, we hear that Secretary Chao has a penchant for self-promotion. Apparently this article, from last year, is just the tip of the iceberg.

We've heard some other things, too, but we're not at liberty to share them just yet. If you have any gossip on Madam Secretary Chao, please send it our way.

Chao Aiming to Lead the Second-Tier Pack [WP]

(Ed. note: Please congratulate us for not using the term "Dragon Lady" in this post. Thank you.)


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