Madeleine Albright's Disembodied Head to Haunt Your Beer Runs

Maddie Albright says, enjoy your Hamburger Helper! - WonketteWe cannot be the only ones who'd be creeped the hell out if Madeleine Albright's ghostly visage popped up on the register while we were paying for our groceries. That hasn't stopped Safeway, though.

A Social Safeway spokesman said it's not just for the benefit of Washington's political junkies, but part of the national grocery chain's efforts to recognize women's history month. He said to look for Albright's visage in the weekly circular as well.

Ok, we're switching to the Giant before Caspar Weinberger's face starts showing up in the produce aisle. Goddamn do we hate this town.

Yeas and Nays [Examiner]


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