Madison Partiers Celebrate Their Right To Wonk

Madison Partiers Celebrate Their Right To Wonk


Well, we are finally updatin' atcha with pictures from our Madison, Wisconsin, party, which must have been two months ago now, but after five hard years on the road, we no longer have a concept of things like "months" and "time." In fact, since that party happened, we actually lost a brother on the fields of Bloody Lawrence -- MAN DOWN! -- and Miss Lisa Wines had to take a Greyhound bus from Lawrence, Kansas, to Oklahoma City to catch back up. (Wonk parties aren't for amateurs, LISA.)

(Speaking of amateurs: we will be in Dallas TONIGHT at the Uptown Pub, 3605 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX, US 75204, (214) 522-5100. And we will be in Austin tomorrow, with a party Saturday!)

Above, please find some of the bumper stickers adorning Harmony Tavern in Madison, a lovely hive of humanity with a friendly and capable barkeep (Allison, below) and the best bar pool table we've played on in years.

Here is one of your fellows showing his injuries from the Battle of Chicago. He may identify himself, per usual!

Somewhere in this mess of pictures are Kent's wife, Linda, who is an accordionist and is great, and Leah and Dave (Dave?) who took us to the Capitol the next morning, and have SEEN LINDA'S POLKA BAND PLAY and were so excited because of how she is so awesome and famous. THEY WERE ADORABLE.

Here are some more pictures, we do not even know what is where any more.

This lady, Karen, was amazing. She and her sister (her best friend) and someone's husband came in to see us and tell delightful stories and be sweet and shy and charming and great. She should have won this pool game -- we saw you, Karen; we know how you handled those balls -- but she made one fatal mistake: she gave us another chance. Then some guy threatened as he was going to leave because we weren't paying enough attention to him, so WE DID. WE DID PAY ATTENTION TO HIM. Can you believe we rewarded behavior like that? Man, some of you fuckers are HIGH FUCKING MAINTENANCE. Speaking of which, NO WE CANNOT RESCHEDULE ANY OF THE PARTIES BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO BE OUT OF TOWN, OUR HOTHOUSE FLOWERS.

And there you have it: some stuff. We still have Minneapolis, Lawrence, and Norman sexxxy pixxx to post at you, someday, when we feel like it.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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