Main Stream Media Lies Exposed!

I am the king! - WonketteFrom the suddenly entertaining yet utterly unknown "Opinion L.A." blog -- a Top Secret site apparently run by the Los Angeles Times -- comes a "bloggers are fools" story so perfect that all bloggers should be forced to read it aloud every morning. The short version goes like this:

* Influential conservative blog accuses LA Times of covering up Murtha exposé.

* Accusation links to similar accusation made by forgotten "blog network."

* Forgotten blog network links to some obscure conservative blog claiming Murtha exposé removed from LA Times' website because Liberal Main Stream Media wants Murtha to be House Majority Leader.

* Obscure conservative blog actually links to liberal blog's mention of said Murtha exposé, in which liberal blogger is actually furious at LA Times for running exposé of Murtha's brother as flimsy way to make congressman look bad.

* Article is no longer online because liberal blog's post is a year-and-a-half old and refers to story that's also a year-and-a-half old and the LA Times only keeps stories online for 60 days.

* LA Times actually against Murtha becoming majority leader.

Why the Instapundit can't read, the Reliapundit can't think, the Carpetbagger can't calm down, and the MSM can't win... [Opinion L.A.]


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