Mainstream Media, Nonmainstream Media Mum On McKinney Lawsuit; Wonkette Hopes To Make It True By Asserting That It Is

So, um, other than the aforementioned "Atlanta Progressive News," nobody seems to have picked up the story that McKinney plans to challenge the results of her primary loss in court. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this is because the Jewish media refuses to give her the attention she deserves and not because, you know, the whole thing was made up.

Actually, APN and Wonkette aren't the only people on this story: the BRAD BLOG talks about it in a post that may have the densest concentration of scare quotes in the history of blogging.

As pointed out by "Big Dan" on a recent BRAD BLOG thread, the so-called "results" from the runoff on Tuesday indicate that the runoff attracted 14,265 more "voters" than the first round of the primary, of whom 13,649 "voted" for Hank Johnson, while only 616 "voted" for McKinney. McKinney attracted 47% of the "votes" in the first round, to 45% for Johnson, but in the runoff McKinney's share dropped to 41%, with Johnson taking the other 59%. These numbers appear "fishy" to those of us who have been watching, but of course we have no way to verify them. Neither do the candidates, nor the State of Georgia. APN's Cardinale did a good job of covering the first round, and it's not surprising to see him continuing to cover this story, which has the potential to rock our so-called "democracy" to its electronic core.

Meanwhile, just as Britain has shown America how to capture terrorists, it has also been unafraid to face the controversial issues raised by electronic voting in a forthright manner.

The premium rate phone watchdog has launched an investigation into Channel 4's decision to allow evicted housemates back on to Big Brother. Some 2,700 complaints have been sent to Icstis from viewers unhappy at being asked to vote again for contestants they thought had left for good.


Will the return of one of these freaky-looking women to Big Brother violate the rights of British subjects as laid out in the Magna Carta?

APN: McKinney Pursuing Legal Avenues to Challenge Elections in Georgia! [The BRAD BLOG]

Watchdog checks Big Brother vote [BBC]

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