This New Depression has gotten off to a swimming start! Now that nobody has any homes or monies or televisions and the election is almost over, there will be no news anymore, so ABC News is instituting some DRACONIAN cost-cutting measures. No holiday parties, no more "paying for meals for impoverished tech crews on location" type nonsense, and freelancers are seeing their hours cut cut cut.

A depressing email went out to the Washington bureau of ABC News, and it said all sorts of sad things like, "If you want to have a party in your bureau or office, the company will not put money toward it or reimburse you for any expenses." (No more free gin, boozebags!) Also nobody gets a print subscription to anything anymore, it's all online, so now reporters will have to read blogs and stuff, like hobos. Soon reporters will also have to write their own paychecks, and not get reimbursed for that, either.

ABC Tightens Belt For Bumpy Economic Ride [Broadcasting & Cable]


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