Most Americans Hate Government, Democracy Itself


Important cable teevee station CNN has commissioned two (2) polls of the Americans, and the results are bad for the Tea Baggers' beloved "U.S. Constitution" and "Democracy," so it's a good thing those people don't actually likeeither of those things, when it leads to a common slave becoming the so-called "People's President" who puts his feet on the desk. And yet ... does anyone really love "democracy" anymore?

One of these funny surveys shows that 59% of Americans are let down by how this whole democracy thing works. CNN didn't take the trouble to break this down based on party affiliation or voting record or demographics or anything, because who really cares, so it's left to us to assume everyone, everybody, is kind of tired of democracy.

Why? Well, if you're on the side of Obama's big majority of 2008 and the even bigger Dem majorities in the Senate and House, you're probably a little "let down" that a handful of wingnut rural senators (Ben Nelson, etc.) representing a tiny fraction of the population have somehow stopped all the shit you supported, like health care reform. WTF, right? And you probably never really got over that whole deal in 2000 when the Republican-controlled Supreme Court of the United States appointed somebody president even though this person lost the election. Ouch! Ha ha, and then we had eight straight years of horror and blood, and then the entire economy collapsed. Again.

And if you are an angry unemployed uneducated middle-aged rural/southern white person, what is up with a negro becoming president?! That's not in the *original* Constitution, right?

So, we're all pretty upset, if by "all" you mean "59% of the maybe 30% of adult Americans who pay any attention to this stuff at all."

The other poll, commissioned by CNN and USA Today, finds that 56% of Americans who pay any attention to political shit are a-scared of the Federal Government a-takin' away the guns and white women.

WHAT TO DO? There are so many ideas, if you read Atlantic Monthly or whatever, but the only reasonable outcome is a "benevolent dictator," like Darth Vader, who is installed in a "bloodless coup," and then everybody will be all "Heil Lord Vader" because what is this country, really, except a bunch of dumb Nazis looking for somebody to rule them with an iron, robot fist?


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